Gallery changes and file corruption redux

December 18th, 2007 by Chris

Previously we had allowed only registered users to view the ‘full’ size images on the Gallery. I have now removed this restriction because it seemed to be more annoying than useful. The ‘full’ size images in the Gallery are 1800×1200 which is larger than most people’s monitors, but still significantly reduced from the full resolution image (3504×2336) from the camera.

Speaking of the camera, the corruption issues have continued which is putting a bit of a crimp on my most productive hobby. I’ve come up with a workaround (download images from the camera exclusively with the Canon viewing software which is horribly awkward), but clearly there is some kind of problem that will need to be addressed.

The problem seems to manifest when I remove the card from the camera and place it in any card reader. I can remove the card and replace it in the camera with no issues visible within the camera. Once it touches a card reader, however, the camera and WinXP agree that there are busted files. We have several (two different brands of USB type and one embedded in our printer) and all of them seem to suffer the same problem. I’ve tried multiple CF cards (I bought 2 new ones just a few weeks back when the issue first came up). It doesn’t happen EVERY time, but I’d say it’s higher than 75% that at least one file will get mashed. This is clearly unacceptable. There was even a recent firmware update for the Canon 20D that addressed a compact flash compatibility issue. I’ve upgrade to this firmware, but the problem persists.

The nearest Canon service center is near New York City in Jersey and this is NOT a good time of year to be without your camera for two weeks. I think I’ll muddle through until after the holidays. Yuck.

One Response to “Gallery changes and file corruption redux”

  1. B.Ruhsam Says:

    Sounds like you need to have a Digital Rebel as a back up. Tell you what. I’ll see you mine and then I can upgrade to a 1D Mark III! You don’t mind a bit of a markup, do you?