Day two…

May 27th, 2007 by Chris

Kristin and Nathan came home from the hospital Saturday night. She could have stayed until this morning (Sunday) but it was so crowded that we decided to come home. The Drs were happy with both of their progress, and we have family support at home.
Grandparents Schierer came by the hospital on Saturday to visit, but arrived just in time for the Dr to take him for a while. They waited for us at our house and were able to snap some “Arriving Home” pictures.
Arriving Home

Grandparents Davis arrived almost immediately after the Schierers left for home and will be staying with us through the week (which is fantastic!).
Matt, Theresa and (1 year old) Henry (friends from church), came by after services today and brought with them the flowers from service. Thanks guys! One of the ladies at church makes up the arrangements for the front table every week, and by some decision process they are sent out to somebody after church. They’re absolutely beautiful. They also brought Nathan’s rose from the church. The church traditionally places a rose at the front for each newborn in the church family. Thanks to everybody at Caz 1st Pres for their prayers.
We all made it though last night after I learned to translate Nate’s frustrated expression a bit better. Today has gone pretty smoothly, and he’s eating well. The cats have been curious and a bit apprehensive about this new resident in their domain.
Uncle Jim came buy today after rock climbing at the Gunks. He brought Baxter (yellow lab) along with him, which has, of course, put the cats over the top. They’re hiding in the basement for the most part.
Thanks again to everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers. Nathan sends out a [gurgle-snork] to everybody, which I think means “Hello!”.

3 Responses to “Day two…”

  1. Kim Bosco Says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations again and again and again. 🙂

  2. Shelley Says:

    Chris and Kristin:
    Congratulations! May God bless you and your new addition! Shelley

  3. Aunt Bren Says:

    Glad everyone’s doing well 🙂