April Snowshowers Bring Dead Flowers

April 16th, 2007 by Chris

Sign of Spring?
The words from the WRVO weatherman were something like:

“Central New York is waking up to a Tulip Toppling, Daffodil Destroying, Crocus Crushing snowfall.”

He was right. Caz got over a foot of the heaviest, stickiest, wettest snow of the entire winter. We’ve had a few deeper snowfalls this past season, but none as snowblower clogging as this one. The alert reader might notice that I don’t generally post during the day, because I don’t generally post from work. Despite spending over an hour forcing the snowblower to move the snow out of the driveway, I did not get in to work.

Here was the first block I ran into:
Road Closed!Yes, the road was blocked by a few downed power lines… no problem, I’ll go the back way (read as: less plowed). After getting through to the state highway (Rt. 13 for those following along), I discovered it was barely cleared. US-20 was better, and soon I thought I was good-to-go. Unfortunately, as I got to the Onondaga County line, traffic came to an abrupt stop. Something had blocked the road ahead. After a while I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. Turned the wheels, let the car start to roll and yanked the parking break. After crawling back up the slick hill, I backtracked down 20 and 13. As I was about to turn onto the back road, I saw a yellow flash. “Snowplow, I should slow down,” I thought. Nope… not quite that kind of flash. This became clear when the blue-green arc back lit the tree branch. (K reported a power flicker at about that time at home.)

After reporting in to work, I decided to take a walk into the village and check things out. After all, the network connection was down, what else is a data-head to do?

You can see the resulting images on the gallery.

2 Responses to “April Snowshowers Bring Dead Flowers”

  1. Robert D. Says:

    Looks like I shouldn’t have smarted off in my letter about the snow finally melting…

  2. Chris Says:

    Well the snow is finally melting… in fact it was melting most of the time it was snowing. It was just snowing faster.

    Mmmm….. slush.