Washington Part 1

June 23rd, 2011 by Chris

As most of you know, and the rest are about to find out, we took a trip to Washington DC a few weekends ago. The primary motivation for the trip was the ordination of my cousin William Schierer. It was an impressive ceremony held at the cathedral in Arlington, VA. From my background in somewhat less involved religious functions it was both interesting to see and somewhat amazing. I’m particularly impressed that the officiants and the ordinands weren’t coughing and sputtering around the altar since apparently more incense is better at events such as this one. Perhaps there’s a class in shallow breathing at the seminary.
In any case, it is with true respect that we all congratulate the Reverend William Schierer.[1]

After a few hours of standing still, the kids were completely ready to tear around like crazies. We drove straight to the mall, changed into more casual clothes and set out to find something that would hold their attention. This tall skinny building didn’t cut it,[2] but we paused for a picture since we were parked right here anyway.

Hmmm… what could capture the imagination of a four year old boy… oh yeah:

IMG_1432 IMG_1436 IMG_1443


IMG_1482 IMG_1492 IMG_1488

Afterwards we attended a reception and visited with family.

IMG_1507 IMG_1513 IMG_1520

The following day we visited the zoo. The reptile house was a particular hit with the kids as they could get right up against the glass and really see the various animals. [3] The highlight[4] was the feeding of a (thankfully already dead) rabbit to the anaconda. Let’s just say that those things can move pretty fast when they want to. We weren’t sure how N was going to take that, but after the initial startling he was pretty fascinated.

IMG_1552 IMG_1571 IMG_1540

Now I know where the term ‘logjam’ comes from: [5]

It’s getting late, so I’ll save the pictures from the Udvar Hazy Center for another day.

  1. I understand that Reverend Father may be the more correct written salutation, but that somehow won’t quite fit in my head. A few intentionally silly examples from the reception: “The Father’s father was my father’s brother.” Or the oft repeated “Father Cousin” and “Father Uncle”. []
  2. One of two requisite “we were in DC” shots. []
  3. There was also enough light I could take decent hand-held pictures. With the kids in tow bringing along a tripod is a pipe-dream, and you have to shoot what you see… there is no waiting for the shot. The museum pictures suffered quite a bit from this. []
  4. In the sense of being quite dramatic. []
  5. Yes, I DO realize this is really a term based on floating cut trees down a river to the sawmill. []

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  1. Heidi Says:

    Nice pics! How is it we managed to color coordinate our kids’ clothes?