Fishing weekend

September 22nd, 2013 by Chris

Went fishing with my Dad this weekend at Raquette Lake. All week the weather said it was supposed to start raining Saturday afternoon and keep it up all day Sunday. From that perspective, the weekend was better than planned. The rain held off on Saturday until we were back on shore happily waiting for our dinner order to arrive.

On the other hand, we only managed to catch four fish. Two of which were so tiny they “threatened to swamp the boat”. The other two were 13 and 15″ small mouth bass that were legal, but on their own wouldn’t have amounted to much. We didn’t get skunked either day, so that’s something.

In any case, it was nice to spend time with my Dad and enjoy the beautiful fall colors of the Adirondacks. Even if Sunday morning was a bit misty and cold, it was still beautiful when the sun broke through.

One Response to “Fishing weekend”

  1. Dad Says:

    It was a great weekend, we got to hear and see several loons and even saw an eagle beat us to one of the fish in the lake. Other than the deer that took a severe dislike to my vehicle we had a good time. We only managed to lose one lure the whole weekend ( the one that was actually catching fish), though Chris did have to do some rock climbing to retrieve an errant cast or two. His casting skills improved considerably during the course of the two days. I look forward to doing it again.