October 21st, 2010 by Chris

It’s official, the American Red Cross doesn’t want my blood. Some poor vampire will go without this Halloween.

Apparently, Isla Roatan in Honduras is a location for immediate deferral due to risk of malarial infection… Even though I spent less than a day there.

It’s rather impressive how detailed their geographical database actually is. Simply identifying “Belize” wasn’t sufficient. I needed to identify specific geographical locations. This is a problem, since I literally do not know exactly where in Belize the cave tour bus actually took us. Regardless, it wasn’t Belize that caused the deferral (perhaps because I could only identify Belize City), and even if it did, the restriction would be the same.

The deferral is for one year from my last day in Roatan. I suppose that assumes I don’t come down with malaria in the next year.

2 Responses to “Deferred!”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I haven’t been allowed to donate for some time now. Apparently I am at risk for Mad Cow (explains a lot, doesn’t it?), since I live in the UK for 4 months back in 1991.

  2. Stephen Says:

    I just make it because I didn’t “Move” (Army Station) to Germany until Jan 1990.

    On a different note, Chris, instead of stopping by the desk for the next few months, please just e-mail or phone! 🙂