December 30th, 2009 by Chris

Well this is the requisite Avatar response post since it seems like the primary thing to write about these days other than the impossibility of complete aircraft security.

Overall, my reaction was very positive. I’m notorious for pointing out the inconsistencies in computer generated effect and plot lines. But strangely, perhaps intentionally, it was the live-action sequences that felt out of place in this film. I’m not sure that I ever felt like the environment was truly photo-realistic, but it wasn’t cartoon-ish either. The film moved along at a steady pace, with the occasional ‘slow’ section was more than filled with eye candy. The same technique was used to distract you from the occasional plot hole… quick, change scenes to something pretty and the audience won’t notice the flaw. I saw the 3D showing (for the exorbitant price of $13), and the depth given by this illusion was worth it. The depth made the scenes more enveloping, and they didn’t kick you in the occipital lobe too often.

This is not a spoiler for anyone who has seen the previews, but stop reading if you’re the nervous type about such things.

Ok… going on.

The movie’s primary premise is that the main character is controlling another body with his mind from a special “link chamber”. As a bit of a communications geek, I was left wondering by what means this link is established. The media penetrates all forms of material and interference, operates at significant distances in real time and yet it is utterly untraceable. Not to mention can apparently be supported by a rather small portable power source. I won’t go into the scenes where this was relevant but for those who have seen the film, it would have been nice if this had been addressed. Perhaps I’ll have to go back to the original story to get closure on this.

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