Just 10 bucks, right?

July 21st, 2007 by Chris

I was talking with somebody the other day about flight simulators, and how I missed WW2 Fighters* (which is the best, i.e most fun, combat sim I’ve ever played to date). So then today I get the GoGamer 48 hour madness mail and what do I see, but…

THIS MADNESS IS RIGHT ON YOUR SIX! Get Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe for only $7.90 and Save 73%!
This ain’t no free-flight, cloud-gunner, glory ride! Bombs shatter enemy airfields, trains, tank columns and more-as you streak across the European countryside! “The best-looking and most entertaining simulation in the series” (CGW)
Game Box

I admit it. I’m weak. I’m a splurge buyer. At least for things costing about $10 (with “Dirt Cheap Shipping”). I figure, what can $10 hurt. I’m hoping the multiplayer works… and that at least one person who reads this blog has (or buys) the game.

What’s sad is I know I won’t even get around to installing it any time soon. Let alone playing.

And of course when I DO get around to playing, I’ll realize that I just can’t fly without pedals.

And I’m sure my pedals are well and truly defunct (after several thousand hours of WW2, NFS** and lets not forget MW4 abuse). That will be another $150 or so.

But it’s just 10 bucks, right?

* In researching for a decent link for the game I found ww2fighters.org which seems to be a still active online community for the game. A game which unfortunately has an extremely buggy early multi player implementation. Anyone remember IPX networking!? I am AMAZED that enough people got the MP working to be worth still playing after so many years. This
** The Need For Speed franchise was a staple in my action gaming repertoire for years. I haven’t bought a NFS game since NFS:HS2, they got too modder-underworld-backstreet-oversized-glass-pack-tailpipe for me. If I’m going to drive a car in a game, its got to be something that teenagers can’t afford. Regardless, there is something very cathartic about running a police car into a bridge abutment at 150 mph with only a few scratches on your shiny Ferrari. Sorry mom.

2 Responses to “Just 10 bucks, right?”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Boy. It’s very tempting – when I went to GoGamer it JUST hit the 14 00 00 hour mark, and I got to see it roll over to 13 59 59!! (sorry, slight jab at, admittedly cooler than I’d like to admit 100,000-miles post).

    Honestly, after reading the reviews I can’t justify it, even with a very decent purchase price. I don’t know if I’ll ever play another combat flight sim type game again. Gunship 2000 spoiled me back in the day, and nothing since has come close for me. I know the sims are much more realistic today, but nothing beat the ‘career type’ elements of GS2000. (Although, some of the other old Microprose combat games were close).


  2. Kim Says:

    StumbledUpon this today – don’t know if you’ve heard about it.