Life = Science Fiction BUT BETTER.

September 23rd, 2011 by Chris

I am continuously amazed that we live in a world where videos like this are possible:

Think of all the science fiction that is reality to bring this to your eyes:

  • We’ve put an outpost in space.
  • That outpost has people on board.
  • They have cameras sensitive enough to take movies of auroras.
  • These same cameras are small and portable enough to be on board.
  • The images are captured in real-time to digital media.
  • The movies can be sent to Earth over radio signals.
  • They are then disseminated world wide at no cost to the viewer.
  • Our PC (or phone!) can suck that data off a server hundreds (thousands!) of miles away in seconds.
  • We can watch the movie anywhere.
  • We can all be amazed together.

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