Free Rice.

November 10th, 2007 by Chris

Tip of the wooden bowl to my Sis for finding this little Internet site.*

Free Rice is a sort-of vocabulary game where every correct answer causes 10 grains of rice to be donated to food charities world wide. The sponsor adds at the bottom of the page are funding the donations.

My Sis has crazy vocabulary powers and managed to reach a score of 47. My engineering brain topped out at 44, but generally hung around at about 40.

Being the wacko I am, I clicked the first answer repeatedly until I could drive it down into the really easy words…. it bottoms out at 1.

* All credit to the Bad Astronomer for the “Tip of the [appropriate object]” language.

2 Responses to “Free Rice.”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Aw…thanks for the shout out. “Crazy Vocabulary Powers” …. how does that translate into a new Superhero persona?

  2. B.Ruhsam Says:

    I keep bouncing between 44 and 46.