Camera Brands from Consumer Reports

December 21st, 2007 by Chris

Looks like Consumer Reports has similar feelings to my camera review.

For compact cameras (my N and GG categories approximately) Sony and Canon took the top seven spots. The Sonys were the H9 and H3 models ranked 1 and 2. The Canon S5, A640, A630, S3, and A720 featured in that order. The H9 has some pretty impressive stats but I won’t recommend it without trying it out myself. The top seven ranked within 7 points (out of 100) of each other, they’re probably all safe bets. For subcompact (overlap with the N and RM categories), Sony took 3 of the top 5 spots with Canon (SD800) and Panasonic filling out the mix.

I didn’t link to the report specifically because it is subscription only material. If you’re looking to buy a camera soon, it might be worth checking out, they have some stats from their testing such as shutter lag and battery life for each camera.

They only reviewed two DSLRs (a Fuji and a Leica), so they really shouldn’t be making any claims about them.

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