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December 12th, 2009 by Chris

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving. Time flies when you’re so freaking busy you can’t even think.

Here’s a quick photo-summary of what we’ve been up to….

  • Thanks to the Davis’, there is now hardwood in the baby’s room. We started the work on Thanksgiving and put the majority of the floor in on Friday. I finished the rest over the remainder of the weekend. When I wasn’t working them as slave labor, we had some time for visiting too.
    IMG_4746 IMG_4757 IMG_4760
  • Nate took some time to paint some baked ornaments for shipment.
    IMG_4775 IMG_4776
  • Later that weekend we made our annual run up to Critz Farm to drag home a Christmas tree. I think this is a new family record for us as it actually takes advantage of the high ceilings in the Family Room. Nate helped decorate over the next few days, and basically decided that all the decorations needed to be sorted by color.
    IMG_4777 IMG_4780
  • Nate enjoyed watching The Incredibles while getting his hair cut. Apparently Oreo liked his new do, as she’s starting to be much more tolerant of his ‘attention’.
    IMG_4799 IMG_4800 IMG_4808
  • The following weekend we produced copious numbers of Christmas cookies so K could trade them with her MOMS club friends. Nate helped cut out the “stars”.
  • Of course the church and the local green houses are all decked out in poinsettias and other festive flowers, so I’ve been having a field day with that. I combined several shots to make an HDR[1] image of this greenhouse and tree farm in Manlius. We haven’t had much snow yet (as you can see), but driving past there with snow blowing is like watching a real-life piece of the Frosty the Snowman special.
    IMG_4816 IMG_4821 IMG_4906
  • Today we went to the mall to look at the Festival of Trees and to let Nate drop a letter to Mr. Claus. Afterward, we wandered into the mall proper and Nate spoke with the man himself. He seemed a bit nervous, but Mr. Claus did a pretty good job getting him to warm up. In the end, he announced that he would like a guitar for Christmas. We’ll see what that jolly old elf can manage.
    IMG_4913 IMG_4927 IMG_4916

Lot’s more pics in the gallery. Just look at the recent updates.

  1. High Dynamic Range []

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