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Saab to acquire Sensis

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

As most of you know, I work for Sensis Corporation a company of about 600 people based in the Syracuse, NY area. Sensis has been generally growing steadily since its founding some thirty years ago. In the last few years or so from a combination of economic stress and some other factors we’ve been reorganizing and working to acquire capital to continue our growth. After months of speculation and rumors, the official announcement came yesterday that Swedish aerospace and defense company Saab Groups has agreed to acquire Sensis in a cash offering. Sensis will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swedish company. We do business with Saab already, and have recently announced a major project to provide air surveillance throughout Sweden… so this pairing doesn’t come as a complete surprise.
I have to say I’m rather excited about this match. Sure there is the apprehension involved in any transition, but my only point of comparison is the chaos and bare-knuckle brawling associated with the Raytheon & Hughes merger of 2000. By comparison, I expect this to be almost completely painless. Looking at the Saab portfolio[1] I think it’s a pretty good match. We give Saab a larger base of operations in the US[2], access to our world-leading air traffic control business and expeditionary radar technologies. In return, Saab gives us access to their world wide marketing operations, strength of size[3], research and development operations and hundreds of complementary technologies. Personally though, I tend to do well in a changing environment. I’ve always had the tendency to become bored quickly doing the same sorts of things so I look forward to the opportunity to learn new products and technologies. Besides, I am 1/4 Swedish so maybe this is just getting back to my roots.
I suppose I should add some disclaimer that this post does not reflect the views of either corporation and is my own personal opinion.

  1. Which doesn’t include the auto brand of the same name, that was divested some 20 years ago. []
  2. I understand they have roughly 250 US employees now. []
  3. Some 12,500 employees worldwide, with roughly 10k of those in Sweden []

Another crazy day at work.

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

A day when I get to read stuff like:

The spatial duality is analogous to the duality between delay dispersion and frequency selectivity or between Doppler frequency dispersion and time selectivity in wireless channels.

I think I almost understood that in context.

Curious? You can read Intrinsic Limits of Dimensionality and Richness in Random Multipath Fields online.

Newspaper article

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

There was an article in the Boston Globe yesterday that talks about the EU’s RoHS law for electronics. It’s a good summary, and gives you an idea of what my current job is all about.

Tech firms face EU toxics test

It’s Official!

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Today I accepted a position with Sensis as a Manufacturing Engineer. My main focus will be split between circuit card producibility and dealing with RoHS issues. I’m pretty excited about the positon, and was the one that I wanted. I did get another offer for a little more money, but just wasn’t convinced that the job would make me happy. Yay, I’m excited to go back to work!

On another subject, to answer the question from yesterday, yes, the Chocolate Sorbet receipe was from the Ultimate Ice Cream Book. We learned last night that you should not eat it with in four hours of going to bed. We had some about 9pm, and had no problem staying up to the end of the Red Wings – Oilers game last night, which ended about 1:30. That was one very potent shot of caffine!