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We Didn’t Finish Last!

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Today I participated in my first official sailing regatta. Although my Laser remains nestled against the ceiling of my garage in its nest of nylon webbing, I have been getting in what sailing time I can. A friend from work and church skippers a Lightning. I was out with him once before, serving as the middle crew member. The Lightning generally races with a crew of three, the skipper, middle crew and forward crew. The skipper, of course, directs the overall actions of the crew and mans the tiller. The middle crew balances the boat (aka “sack of potatoes”) on the windward (upwind) leg and acts as spinnaker trimmer on the leeward leg. The forward crew trims the jib and manages the spinnaker pole.
Today, the winds were fairly strong (more…)