I’m a cheap addict.

July 31st, 2008 by Chris

I’ve been waiting for the release of the latest John Scalzi novel, The Last Colony since I finished the previous book, The Ghost Brigades, months ago. I’m too cheap to buy it in hardcover though, so I’ve been waiting for the “mass-market paperback”.

Well it’s finally out and I bought it today on the way home from work. I’m already more than half way through. I could probably finish it in another couple of hours but I really must sleep now.

2 Responses to “I’m a cheap addict.”

  1. Bill Ruhsam Says:

    Next time just ping me and I’ll mail it to you. You could’a read it *months* ago! [sigh]

  2. Chris Says:

    That’s ok, I don’t mind giving the guy a _few_ bucks for his trouble.

    Oh, and the book was fun; but I may have to go back and read the first one again.