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Making music makes news.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Nathan and I make the news:
Father and Son to Play at Sunday Service

Fishing weekend

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Went fishing with my Dad this weekend at Raquette Lake. All week the weather said it was supposed to start raining Saturday afternoon and keep it up all day Sunday. From that perspective, the weekend was better than planned. The rain held off on Saturday until we were back on shore happily waiting for our dinner order to arrive.

On the other hand, we only managed to catch four fish. Two of which were so tiny they “threatened to swamp the boat”. The other two were 13 and 15″ small mouth bass that were legal, but on their own wouldn’t have amounted to much. We didn’t get skunked either day, so that’s something.

In any case, it was nice to spend time with my Dad and enjoy the beautiful fall colors of the Adirondacks. Even if Sunday morning was a bit misty and cold, it was still beautiful when the sun broke through.

Captain Reporting For Duty

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

For the few of you who haven’t seen these pics already, check out the gallery for images of my new Imperial Line Officer Captain[1] costume. Custom tailored pants and uniform coat by Fine Character. I purchased the belt and hat greeblie, but fabricated the rank badge and code cylinder. The boots were an eBay find.

The 501st approved me within a few days[2]. The folks I talked to at D*C thought it was very well made and that I really looked the part. It was fun (and somewhat refreshing) to hang out with people who were even more fanatical than I. [3]

More costume pics in the Gallery.

  1. This comes with the responsibility of commanding a Star Destroyer and earning such privileges as Force Strangulation, death by asteroid []
  2. I’m member ID #91138 []
  3. If there’s one thing Dragon-Con is good for, it’s reminding you that as far out on the edge of the bell curve you might be, there are always people further out. []

This is a Test

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Apologies to the 3 or 4 people who actually read out blog. We’ve been having some technical difficulties and little to no time/interest in resolving them.

If you can see this post, then we can post again without jumping through hoops. Hopefully this effort will encourage me to catchup on the last year of missing photos and other updates.

Bringing them up right

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

We watched Star Wars all the way through with N tonight. He’s been playing with Lego Star Wars and Clone Wars stuff for a while. He’s also been going through the Clone Wars books like candy. I knew it was time when he started messing up canon information with what he read in his Angry Birds Star Wars book. That was just going to far.

He’s seen bits and pieces before, but this was the first time he really paid attention to what was going on. He was really intensely watching during the trench run.

Favorite part: “When Luke Skywalker blows up the DEATH STAR!”

I’m so proud.


Friday, July 5th, 2013

We miss you.

Day After 4th of July

Friday, July 5th, 2013

N & I[1] enjoyed the fireworks show last night from Stone Quarry Art Park. We saw at least 4 different fireworks shows in the distance, plus a thunderstorm flashing to the east. A brief rainstorm seemed to delay the start of the show, so Venus was eventually setting amongst the fireworks.

  1. R and K crashed early. []

A bit wet…

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Some pretty serious downpours came through right at commute time. Here is an example of what this did to my drive home.

Guinness Book of Records Record for Throwing the Guinness Book of Records

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Thanks to the latest “What If” by XKCD author Randall Munroe, I watched this wonderfully amusing program on throwing random objects.

I laughed out loud for a good 30 seconds at the amazing toss at the 5:00 mark.


PS: I cannot confirm that they, in fact, set any kind of records for any of these tosses.

Little Bit of Awesome in Red

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

If I had more money than I knew what do do with, I’d have $400 less now because I would have just bought a Lytro Light Field Digital Camera.

If you haven’t heard of this optical awesomeness, it is a camera that captures not just the amount of light and its frequency, but also it’s direction. Yes it is a vector imager. This technology was announced a few years back, but I hadn’t realized that it was commercialized already.

Why is this made of bacon flavored awesome? it turns out that if you know where the light is coming from, you can, in fact apply depth of field and focus _AFTER_ you’ve taken the picture. So having the wrong focus, or aperture is a thing of the past.[1]

  1. I assume that there is a dynamic range limit to this adjustment, since the camera itself does not have an infinite aperture. []