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Nate’s View of the Solar System

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The other day, Nate created the following picture for me, entirely by himself, with no prompting by me:

He explained it was the solar system, and he included the names of the planets, with arrows indicating which one was which. For those who can’t interpret his writing, there is Mars (Mors), Jupiter (Jopudr), two big blue Stars (stors) Earth (Erf), Saturn (Satrn), Uranus (Yuorenis), and Pluto (Ploto). What you can’t see is that on the back of the paper he drew a spiral, and it very faintly shows through the paper. He pointed it out to me and said it was the Milky Way.

Easter is winding down

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

We’re nearing the end of a fine Easter day here at the Schierer household. The morning candy ingestion (followed by the after church, pre-dinner, after-dinner and afternoon candy ingestion) is manifesting itself in short fuzes and two children currently scooting past in a laundry basket.

Our day started at 7AM with the Hallelujah Chorus and an Easter egg hunt. Rachel was thrilled to discover that the plastic eggs contained her favorite food of all: “M M M!”


Afterwards, I hurried off to church to practice. I joined two trumpet players and the organ on Trumpet Voluntary before the service started. Easter service was, as usual, filled with great music and a fine message, and unusually included a “zombie movie” reference. [1]

The kids of course looked great in their Easter finery.



Don’t let the sunny pictures fool you. It’s rather cold and very windy here today. I guess since March was filled with June weather, April’s going to have some of MayMarch.

We spent most of the afternoon indoors, with N trying his hand steering in Need For Speed. He did pretty well up to about 40 mph… then we would see more guardrail than road. K’s working on some knitting, and Rachel is figuring out how to climb up to where the Easter candy is.

I hope all of you had a fine Easter too. (More pics, as always, in the gallery.)

  1. This amused me, in particular, because I was joking to a friend that the “Left for Dead” series would make an irreverently appropriate Easter sale on Steam. []

Cable-less… 1 Year Review

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Thanks to Stephen for reminding me to write this post. His timing is excellent as it was _exactly_ one year ago today that I posted about our Adventures in Digital Media.

The best summary is probably simply: We’re still not paying the cable company for television.

From this you can probably conclude that our experiment was not a complete disaster. There have been some pitfalls, but I think we’re smoothly in the groove of our new media lifestyle. I don’t see us switching back any time soon, particularly since more and more content creators are:
a) providing shows directly to the internet
b) providing a way to watch shows on mobile/network players.

Details follow…