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And sometimes Life gives you Science Fiction instead.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

I think I have a new reading list thanks to NPR’s top 100 poll. It seems my probability of having read the book/series is roughly inversely proportional to it’s numerical ranking… so at least I’ve been getting the good stuff.

Conveniently, SF Signal has created a flow chart. Click through to SF Signal’s site for the actually readable version.

SF Signal's NPR Top 100 Flowchart

Life = Science Fiction BUT BETTER.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I am continuously amazed that we live in a world where videos like this are possible:

Think of all the science fiction that is reality to bring this to your eyes:

  • We’ve put an outpost in space.
  • That outpost has people on board.
  • They have cameras sensitive enough to take movies of auroras.
  • These same cameras are small and portable enough to be on board.
  • The images are captured in real-time to digital media.
  • The movies can be sent to Earth over radio signals.
  • They are then disseminated world wide at no cost to the viewer.
  • Our PC (or phone!) can suck that data off a server hundreds (thousands!) of miles away in seconds.
  • We can watch the movie anywhere.
  • We can all be amazed together.

A bad moment at D*C…

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Is still much better than a good day at work…. which would be a worthwhile comparison if recently there had been a lot of good days at work.

However, as I downloaded images from my phone[1], I came across this little gem:


Somehow, a big pink fuzzy alien managed to cram into the front bench seat of a 12-passenger van AND manipulate a phone to take a picture of his alien visage peering back through the rear view mirror. It was awkward, hot and uncomfortable to be in that van…. but I’d rather be there.

  1. Does the fact that ‘downloading images from my phone’ still amazes me, signify that I have, in fact, reached the top of the hill which one inevitably ‘goes over’? []

Reality is to Dragon*Con as Cottage Cheese is to…

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

a) a pan-galactic gargle blaster.
b) spiced rum and corsets.
c) trans-warp beaming.
d) cartoons with blue hair.
e) all of the above… and so very much more.

Without further ado, let’s get right into a sampling of the hundreds of images taken over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA.

Steampunk costumes:

IMG_3606 IMG_3612 IMG_3619

Time travelers and space adventurers:

IMG_3643 IMG_3645 IMG_3646
IMG_3659 IMG_3668 IMG_3676

Game themed costumes:

IMG_3339 IMG_3350 IMG_3573

Other Notable costumes:

IMG_3498 IMG_3544 IMG_3555
IMG_3582 IMG_3563 IMG_3604
IMG_3682 IMG_3693 IMG_3696

Guest stars:

IMG_3398 IMG_3415 IMG_3407
IMG_3734 IMG_3752 IMG_3369

And friends:

IMG_3799 IMG_3485

A good time is had by all.

N fast asleep and resting easy

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

For those that didn’t know, N went in for outpatient surgery today. The procedure was to remove a mass from the side of his neck. The doctor though it was either a brachial cyst or a badly infected lymph node. The later turned out to be the case. He was quite brave, and charmed the hospital staff rather effectively. After some post-op nausea, and a bit to eat, he was playing games before bedtime. It’s never any fun to have to leave your kid in a doctor’s hands, so we’re glad this is done. I’m guessing by tomorrow morning he’ll be running around like nothing happened.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts.