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Life with 1.5 knees.

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Either I have a stubborn knee or the surgical predictions were a bit off. The post-op paperwork says that I should use the crutches as needed, but that I should be able to walk without them in 3-5 days.
Yeah, right.
It’s now day 10, and although I can walk without them, I certainly wouldn’t want to for very long. I started physical therapy on Thursday and progress is being made[1] He predicts I’ll be walking without a limp in a week or so.
I’m twitching to be able to walk around and even more critically drive again. Not to mention the eventual running, jumping, biking and generally playing with kids without cringing every few minutes.

I’ve also played far more Civilization IV than anyone really should in a week.

Still, I can see the glow on the horizon and I’m certainly through the worst of the recovery. Now it’s just patience and perseverance.

  1. I sound like a politician. []

Out and Heading Home

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Everything about the surgery went well and we’re on our way home. Well, actually I’m waiting in the car while K gets my prescription filled.
Dr. Battaglia said that there were actually several tears, but not of them were a particular problem. In any case they’re cleaned up now.
I’m a bit sleepy now and not just a little light headed, but otherwise I feel fine. I’m sure that I’ll continue to feel fine until the pain blockers wear off.
The next step is getting the leg elevated and lots of ice. Sleep too.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Surgical Thoughts

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The blog has been somewhat inactive of late. I blame this mostly on a recent relapse of Civ IV addiction. It could also be that Rachel has transitioned from somewhat interactive mode to full on communicating and crawling at high speed throughout the house. Nathan (he insists on using the long form now) has become a very effective reader and continues to amaze me with his perception and associative skills. They are both amazing to observe and a joy to be around.

Rather than a family update, however, this post is an attempt to silence some of my pre-surgical jitters. In case you didn’t know, I tore the medial meniscus in my right knee about two months back. It hasn’t been terribly debilitating as normal walking is essentially without pain. However, I am unable to perform any sort of useful aerobic activity without large doses of painkiller. [1]
So tomorrow I’m scheduled for a partial meniscectomy via arthroscopic surgery.[2]

Warning: Description of procedure follows.
This isn’t nearly as graphic as my lung operation, but I figured it was fair to warn people.

  1. I also managed to get in a few days skiing on the Maine trip, but it was neither pretty nor comfortable. []
  2. or something like that. []