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This Weekend

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

We had a busy weekend, but it was the sort-of nice busy when you take best advantage of that precious time away from weekday activities. We got a head start when I took off the afternoon from work and went to Pratt’s Falls…. and ice cream.
Nate chose this particular moment to read his first word without prompting. He simply pointed down to the graffiti on a park bench and said “Hey Mommy, this says…”
“…Ben.” Yeah, it could have been worse. Want more? Get more!

Yesterday, we spent the day in Rochester at the Strong National Museum of Play. We met our college friends Liz and Eric, as well as their two children, Clara and Perrin. We didn’t have too much time to visit, but it was nice to see them for a few minutes each time we passed.

We took the opportunity to visit their butterfly garden. I probably would have had more pictures, but I had not anticipated how much my camera would fog up. It was very warm and very humid in the enclosed garden. Still I managed to get some after my camera warmed up.

IMG_6216 IMG_6209 IMG_6208

A good time was had by the kids of all ages.

IMG_6238 IMG_6243 IMG_6237

Lest we forget that a play museum is for children only, I give you this tidbit from one of the museum placards:

More Strong pictures

We weren’t sure we were ever going to get Nate out of Sesame Street. He went back about four times, and we finally took this picture on the way out…

Last Week Update

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

It seems I’ve settled into a weekend only photo processing routine. As a result this will be a pretty mixed bag of subjects. I’ll break these up into a post for last week and one for this weekend.

Last weekend we had family in town for Rachel’s baptism. Beyond the event itself, this was a great opportunity to visit with each other and enjoy the marvelous brunch at the Brewster Inn.

IMG_6109 IMG_6117 IMG_6129

(More in the usual place.)

With all of the excitement, we forgot to do our third month growth chart picture until a few days later. I think Mousie’s head start is quickly running out…

The New Math

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010


Yes. This solid state drive has a larger capacity than this (rather old and probably unreliable[1]) hard disk drive. It also has about 10x the throughput and several orders of magnitude better access time. No moving parts will do that for you.

It is, unfortunately, rather painfully more expensive, however.

  1. It’s labeled “BAD” for a reason. []

Two week update

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to lately as captured by our camera.

April brought Spring into CNY with a blast of Summer weather that had us all wishing for more. Rachel is getting bigger every day and it’s nice that she’s starting to respond to both of her parents.


IMG_5921 IMG_6007 IMG_6012

Easter came shortly thereafter with many colored eggs to find.


IMG_6046 IMG_6049 IMG_6038

Continuing with the Spring theme, N and I went to Meadowood Farms, which is run by a coworker and his wife to see the ewes and their newborn lambs. N got to pet and hold a few of the lambs, which was pretty exciting for him.