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job search update

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Had an interview last friday, and I think it went pretty well. After talking with the people I was interviewing with indepth about the actual job, it turns out it’s not an electrical engineering position, but a manufacturing position, and one that I’m actually pretty qualified for. The job description I was given originally was very misleading. They had already interviewed 4 other people for the job, and I was their last candidate. They’re supposed to make a decision this week, and I feel pretty good about it.

The phone interview I was supposed to have Friday afternoon didn’t happen until Monday afternoon. We decided at that point that I should come in for an interview so that I could talk to some more people. It had been tentively scheduled for this afternoon, but as of 11 am this morning, I hadn’t gotten any confirmation of that, despite leaving several mesages with the guy. He called about 11 to let me know that he was having problems scheduling it, and that he’d try for tomorrow morning or some time on Friday. I’m assuming at this point that it’s going to be on Friday since I haven’t heard anything back from him yet. It’s a little bit frustrating. This is the second time that this company has given me the run-around on trying to schedule an interview. Based on some insider information, I have found out that their HR process really sucks. If I didn’t know that it was a really great comany to work for once you get in the door, I wouldn’t put up with it.

The other interview I have is still scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. That one is for a company that makes a lot of metal fab parts. Still a little confused/concerned about the management leaning of that one. I guess I’ll find out more about that tomorrow.

Here’s hoping that this whole thing is over soon.
Ok, I’m off to watch Bones.

Job searching sucks

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Alright, it’s not actually going that bad, but I really hate the process. I’ve had my resume out there for a month, and I have three companies that are interested. I have an interview tomorrow for an electrical engineering position. That’s not the job I applied for, but they think I’m a much better fit for this position. I’m not entirly sure how, since I’m a mechanical/manufacturing engineer, and understand very little electrical. Reading the job description, it seems to be a manufacturing position that requires great understanding of electrical components. So one of the questions I’ll ask them is why am I being considered when this job leans so heavily to the electrical side.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a phone interview for a position that’s pretty much identical to the job I had in Tucson. This is the second go-round with this position, they had it open several months ago, but closed it with out hiring anyone, becuase the company had a big contract pushed out, and went into a hiring freeze. This time the hiring manager called me to see if I was interested before he even called HR to open the rec. So I guess that means they’re very interested.

Next week I have an interview for a job that sounds very much like a management position in the manufacturing area. Again they seem to be very interested, and I can’t quite figure out why. Oh well, I guess I’ll ask them when I interview.

So I spent all day prepping for my interview tomorrow morning. I think I’m pretty prepared. Wish me luck!

It’s all mine!

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Yes, that’s right, it’s finally all mine! I have my very own computer to do with as I please! Chris built a new one for himself, and I get the old perfectly functional one (it won’t play the latest computer games, but I seldom do that anyway. It runs photoshop with no issues at all, and that’s my primary use for it). And I even have my own desk. I am so very excited, as I have not had my own computer in about 10 years. Since Chris and I got married we have shared a computer, which really meant that it was his computer, and I could use it if he wasn’t. This wasn’t a huge issue when I was working, cause I had a computer at work and surfed there. Then when I stopped working, I got to use the computer from 8am – 6pm monday thru friday. hardly ever on the weekends. Its been very hard to get any scrapbooking done recently, as I seem to have been only motivated to scrap on the weekends. But no more! I can scrap or browse when I want, and Chris can game when he wants. Have I mentioned that I’m really excited about this?

It’s been a while

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

since I posted anything, sorry about that. Hasn’t been much going on that I felt like writing about. Since getting back from vacation, I have been continuously fighting off a cold. That’s left me completely drained of all energy. I think it’s had a lot to do with the large temperature changes that we’ve been getting here. It’s gotten cold here again, and we’re supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow today. It seems like winter will never end here. I’m trying very hard to “think spring”. I made this layout this morning to try and help me get ove my winter blues.

Think Spring

I was completely inspired by the pin Holly McCaig posted on her blog yesterday. The papers are by Jen Wilson, and the swirly stamp by Shabby Princess.

In other news, I’m currently looking for a job. I have a phone interview this afternoon with Welch Allyn for a Process Validation Engineering position. Wish me luck! Hopefully something will come of it.